1. So this box arrived several days ago and I let it sit there for two days because it wasn't Christmas
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  2. I brought it up into my room and put it on the floor where I intended it to stay
  3. On the day the box arrived my dad disappeared but not for the first time. He's disappeared probably 100 times since 1997
  4. He takes money from his company and uses it to buy drugs
  5. My mom tries to thwart him by taking away his drivers license and credit card and car keys and not letting him carry cash but he finds a way to intercept cash or checks from clients.
  6. I wrote about this previously during beta THINGS I DID WHILE MY DAD WAS ON A POSSIBLE COCAINE BING and didn't know if I would again.
  7. But after 2 nights of wondering whether I would ever see my dad again I decided I needed some Christmas cheer.
  8. So I opened the box and I found this lovely wrapping and my name on a note
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  9. Sometimes when you're feeling sad just seeing your name printed out makes you feel alive inside.
  10. Then I read the letter and it was so sweet I could barely stand it.
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  11. All there was left to do was open it
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  12. This...
  13. Heather Dixon @HD had made me a vision board of my unfinished books from this list MY CURRENT LIST OF PARTIALLY WRITTEN BOOKS
  14. All the things that I wanted to say but never did because of years of depression and chrohn's disease and losing my first love so many years ago. Heather had a framed drawing made of my future bookshelf with all those books and one about the List App that I hadn't even thought of.
  15. I covered my mouth with my left hand which was clenched into a fist and i fought back tears.
  16. I just stared at it for a few minutes and I believed again
  17. Thank you @HD and @ChrisK for being the ambassador of smiles