1. Grill
  2. Ponder the meaning of Lif
  3. Spinal fluid
  4. My iron lung
  5. Chill out max out relax and coolin till a couple guys up to no good started making trouble in my neighborhood
  6. Burn the rice
  7. Who ordered a pizza?
  8. Pore over dental x-ray charts
  9. Swimming lessons
  10. Undocumented immigrant workers
  11. Nylons
  12. Why did i shave my legs for this?
  13. Why did i get married?
  14. Hyperventilate
  15. Critically examine the flaws in the latest politico flow chart
  16. Diablo 3 (that one is for @Harmonica )
  17. Cleaning your fish tank
  18. Its your turn to feed him