My phone slipped out of my pocket and into the river. My friend told me to put it in rice and i did that for 2 nights. When i took it out i found that a piece of rice had lodged itself in my sim card tray. I removed the rice and put the tray back in but then it could no longer be opened. A piece of the rice must have still been in there
  1. Loneliness
  2. Despair
  3. What am i missing on the list app?
  4. How can i make snarky comments online?
  5. What if someone calls me and i cant answer it?
  6. I felt naked without it
  7. I tried to spend more time with my friends since i couldnt spend time online but i was unable to call them.
  8. What if every restaurant is now Taco Bell and i don't know about it?
  9. Can i write down my thoughts with a pen and paper and then put them into my phone?
  10. Didn't know my sleep patterns from my sleepcycle app which everyone should be using.
  11. Some older people commented that it must be nice not having a phone. I silently disagreed.
  12. I missed setting a pitcher into my fantasy baseball lineup but i know no one else on list app plays fantasy sports.
  13. I hated having to borrow other people's phones.
  14. What is this draft week thing? I'm totally missing out.
  15. When i got my phone back a friend texted me about the virginia shootings and i didnt know about it.