1. The adulation i will likely receive from all of the most popular listers will be worth it.
  2. If listers don't admit they are doing it for the adulation they are fooling themselves
  3. I wanted to fall asleep an hour ago tonight and last night but i had to keep writing this long list about the story of my chrohn's disease
  4. It is a tale worth telling, and up till now i have not told the whole tale and in fact i probably wont do it here either because i am not typing my list on a bluetooth keyboard attached to my ipad like @ChrisK at least i think thats who said he does that.
  5. I very much want to do this list because i havent been able to do anything i wanted to do for myself today since arriving home. My family takes up a lot of my time.
  6. The second i arrived home my mom asked me to change some light bulbs, and my niece asked me to setup her youtube page.
  7. After that i had to feed and give water to the rabbits, some of whom it turned out had gotten out of the cage because the bottom fell out again.
  8. I thought i fixed that bottom by nailing a long thin piece of wood to it before but clearly i was wrong. The two rabbits were easy to find and scoop up in a manner of seconds near the cage where they got out.
  9. Uggh. This is unrelated. Basically ive lived at home with my parents and work with my dad since christmas because of chrohn's disease which is what my super long list was about. My neck hurts while writing this in bed and here i am taking a break from one list by writing another long rambling one that seemingly goes nowhere, but on the other hand
  10. Shouldn't more of us be doing that?
  11. I hope i finish that list tomorow, but i kind of doubt it