I moved to new york to be an actor and wound up living all over the place
  1. Midwood Brooklyn
    Yeah i know, no one knows where it is either. Lower right corner of Brooklyn near Coney Island. I lived there for 6 months and left because my roommate who i was paying rent to had not been paying that money to the landlord who lived downstairs. He was constantly going to court and i found out later it was to fight being evicted. Eventually one day we got an eviction notice on the door and had to leave in one day. I never got the thousand dollar security deposit back from him
  2. Couch in Prospect Park
    I found the place on craigslist and I stayed there for a week even though the man who rented it to me said it was for 9 days.
  3. Couch in Harlem
    This was with a comedian friend of mine i met at a church service. I had everything i owned in my car and during this time my window was smashed in and only my cablebox was taken
  4. East Village
    Another friend i met at church who turned out to be a skitzo was aware of my plight and suggested we and another friend move into a one bedroom apartment of a former coke dealer he was friends with and was helping him move out the next day. A month later My skitzo friend went skitzo and was dragged away by police to the mental hospital and the former coke dealer rented the apartment out from under us to two 6 foot tall transvestites
  5. Washington Heights
    My roomate was a struggling comedian with a giant television in the main room that was the size of that room. He also had numerous girlfriends and had all of them fooled into thinking they were the only one by removing them from his myspace top 10 list. I lived there for 9 months and I left because i met an eccentric old man who was a religious scholar and was renting out a room in the upper west side overlooking central park. This would mark the only time that i would leave of my own volition
  6. Upper West Side/Central Park West
    I lived here with the eccentric old man religious scholar who i soon discovered was incredibly bitter at life and prone to fits of rage. When he started to curse at me for almost anything and everything, i knew it was time to leave. Note we are actually still friends and while i was there i did several youtube videos of him. Here is the most popular one http://bit.ly/1K4Aaih
  7. Astoria Queens
    I moved in here with another eccentric wierdo this one a mentally deficient friend i had also made at church (yes theres a theme here) he claimed he was an actor but hadnt done anything towards it for years and was broke and barely worked at all. he also ate 20 packs of hot dogs in a month after i told him he could have some. Also for a year i had an actor friend who stayed on the couch and never left after he said he would stay for a month. We were evicted after the landlord was confused
  8. Astoria Queens
    After being evicted again i had saved up enough money to get my own place. It was a small basement studio under a house of a greek family and only a block away from the other place. They gave me olives and cookies and treated me like a son. I left because my stomach ruptured because of a major chrohn's disease inflammation. I was in a hospital for a month and moved back home to virginia with my parents for a year and a half
  9. Bushwick Brooklyn
    Hipsterville! I endured another crazy roomate that i misjudged as being a sane persom when he was in fact crazy depressed and violent and started begging me for money all the time even though i got him tons of work. Chrohn's disease flare ups forced me back with my parents twice and both times i came back until it became clear that i could longer live in new york and be an actor comic and writer there until i conquered my disease. Currently in virginia i still own my apartment and hope to return