1. Shifting cultural norms have affected him to the point where he doesn't always know the right answer anymore
  2. Years of cocaine use have sapped his income and willpower leaving him a shell of the man he once was
  3. His dad never told him he loved him and somehow when he looked outside at his collapsing house and cavernous holes where his teeth used to be he thought of the man that ultimately shaped him into the being that he is today
  4. Family doesnt respect him as much because of his tendency towards abandonment issues
  5. Inability to express himself except through action. His words fail him sometimes and he wishes desparately that he was confident enough to express how he really feels through dialogue with the family that loves him no matter what
  6. Due to years and years of leaving his family to purchase drugs his wife no longer allows him use of a credit card,or a drivers license rendering him feeling generally impotent; powerless to change a house that he purchased and built with his own hands
  7. Years and years of regret at the verbal abuse he inflicted on the wife of his youth and the scions that he spawned and at the same time not wanting to hear how they felt about that abuse caused a blockage in his emotional pathways partially shutting down his responses to basic needs
  8. The ability to do simple tasks on the computer or spell rudimentary words elude him and this parallels directly with his once towering mechanical and physical abilities