Chronologically. Sorry @BWN_7 theres kind of a story here
  1. Woodfin Road, Newport News VA- first house i lived in. 1975. Theres a picture somewhere of me sitting with my puppy dog fluffy in his doghouse and then crawling under the house after him. It was while we lived here that my dad fell 20 feet out of a tree he was cutting limbs out of forcing us eventually to move in with my moms parents.
    Trivia: my porn name is fluffy woodfin
  2. Cedar Road - this was my grandparents house. We lived in their annex building that was clearly added later. The room dividing the two living areas was stocked to the ceiling with amway supplies which was my grandfathers job after he quit working on the black box at NASA 😢. I loved them, but they were very quiet and reserved people.
    They had a lovely garden and kept everything beautifully
  3. Some street in Smithfield VA in a house that my dad literally built by himself for the most part until it burnt down in the middle of the night. We were on the second floor trapped by flames and my dad threw a mattress down on the ground and my and my brother and mom and dad all jumped on it safety and sped away
    There is a picture taken a week later of the burnt down house and a holly hobby that i used to ride on.
  4. Highland Court, Newport News VA - lot of happy memories here as a young child. I remember fondly making my own miniature golf courses in the back yard with my dads construction supplies and being tempted to stick my hand in the industrial bean shucker.
    The golf course lasted until he needed the supplies back and i still have most of all of my fingers
  5. Roberts Trace Hampton VA - another house that my dad built. We lived here for 5 years when i was aged between 11 and 16. We had a basketball goal in the front and many nearby african american kids including on occasion Future NBA all star Allen Iverson played here. I got punched by a few of them and my dad was nervous that there were so many
    Of them and they didnt seem to let me play much
  6. Bay Tree Beach Road Seaford VA - rental house we moved into beginning of my 10th grade year in 1992. Built on swamp land we were overun by fiddler crabs half the year. My brother and i had a boat in the back yard pier and had a crabbing business for a short while. I played a lot of basketball in the front yard
  7. Winsome Haven, Seaford VA - where I live now with my parents. This was a house that my dad built when I was in 11th grade. Its a large house on the water with a garden and a garage and a cottage. Presently the cottage has been remodeled for my sister and a tractor shed built along with fencing for my sisters chickens goats, ducks, and rabbits.
  8. Dahill Road Brooklyn NY - my first apartment in NYC i moved here halloween 2005. I had two roomates. One was a whale of a man that didnt work and lived on hot dogs and corn flakes. The other one was an Italian named Mario that smoked cigars constantly indoors and would often wake me up in the middle of the night cursing.
    Bonus: mario had major mother issues and i remember him screaming at her over the phone once that she was never there for him. He had been fighting eviction notices the whole 6 months i was there without telling me until one day he handed me the notice that said we had to vacate that day. I never got the 1300 deposit money back that he took from me and probably spent on coke.
  9. East 9th Street Manhattan NY - i was only here for a month with a roommate i later discovered had schizophrenia and another dude who was there for the ride. It was a tense but fun month culminating with the first dude being hauled to Bellevue Hospital - a famous mental health facility. The next day the apartment was rented out from underneath me by
    Two very large transvestites who sat down changed the locks and asked me if i had anywhere else to go. I wrote what i consider the greatest unpublished short story about new york about this experience. Unpublished mostly because of its length, approximately 2700 words but edited to a fine razor over 9 cullings and 2 workshops.
  10. Audobon Avenue - Manhattan NY (washington heights) - i lived here in a fifth floor walkup with a roommate who was a comedian and had numerous girlfriends and told all of them they were his one and only. Whenever i would go downstairs after dark the hispanic men who populated the neighborhood would assume i was there for drugs
  11. Central Park West Manhattan NY - i rented a converted den here for 9 months. My roommate was an old man who is one of the worlds most learned theologians but no one would ever hire him to work at a church because he was an asshole (i didnt learn this till later of course) he had frequent psychotic fits of rage leading to my departure
    Bonus feature i shot a series of short videos for youtube where i just pointed a camera at him and he talked. Most of these we did in one take. Here is the first one - it is depressingly hilarious
  12. Astoria Boulevard Queens NY - my first and only studio apartment in NYC. I had a small bedroom with a sliding door and an equally small living space but i hosted two really fun house parties. I lived here till my stomach ruptured on December 19, 2010. You can read all about that here: MY JOURNEY WITH CHROHN'S DISEASE - A TIMELINE 📂
    Fun fact: i built a bookshelf here and cut and measured the wood on the floor but when i stood it up i realized i hadnt used a level and i had to put heavy books on the bottom and lean it against a wall
  13. Madison Street, Brooklyn - i moved back to nyc in 2012 after a year and a half being at home with my parents. I stayed until i lost so much weight and got so sick i was forced to declare bankruptcy and move back with my parents again. I am currently renting it out and hope to return soon when i am fully healthy
    Fun fact: i was driving around to look at apartments and assumed that when i found one i liked i would have to give up my car. After i parked right in front of madison streett and saw chinese labor putting new floor in piece by piece and the massive shared living space/ kitchen i went to an atm immediately and handed the man showing me the apartment a deposit. He was not the landlord, the landlord was a sick chinese woman who died 3 months later and her cousin became the landlord.