1. Thou shalt not comment or relist a list without liking it
  2. Thou shalt not start a list flame war
  3. Thou shalt not block someone unless thou hast a very good reason thusly if one lists consistently about One Direction or some such malfeasance
  4. The list is not for the buying or selling of commerce. Any such transgressors shall be thrown out of the kingdom
  5. Do not like thine own lists. It is apparent that thou dust like it because thou hast written it thusly
  6. No topics are off limits except for those that have been previously enumerated
  7. Thou shalt not covet thine neighbors list and copy and repurpose it for thine own use unless thou tag the lister of whom thou art honoring with your tribute
  8. Thou shalt not go off topic and tell public figures usually denoted with a blue ✅ how much you like their show or other performance
  9. Thou shalt not attempt to sell 1000 genuine followers for 10 dollars
  10. Thou shalt not ask others to follow you and you will follow them back