First of all my 41st isn't till thursday i think. It's hard to do math when you're this old (cough cough). Secondly my cousin David @Harmonica (no longer on list) and I have a long running tradition of making each other wierd personalized cards. Some pages may need a little context, others less so
  1. Static
    Pretty straightforward page. Making america great again. Makes perfect sense.
  2. Static
    This is a wierd picture of me that he always likes to bring up to gently tease me with. I have no idea when this was exactly or what is happening. Also Trump is the new president so that's kinda the theme here
  3. Static
    Promises of Donald Trump I can follow where he's going
  4. Static
    Like a lot of the internet he likes pictures of cats
  5. Static
    I honestly didn't know Donald Trump had a lion.
  6. Static
    The top picture is Donald Trump on Taco Tuesday and the bottom picture is my grandfather who died about 2 years ago and used to come over and fall asleep at family functions on a regular basis when someone (usually me) would pick him up. He was such a bad conversationalist that i used to think of topics to discuss with him in advance otherwise it would be a silent trip
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    In case you guys forgot this is a famous picture of Vladimir Putin riding shirtless atop a horse. Also Donald Trump as the president would seem to have a conflict of interest with being involved on a regular basis with a network tv show as the president of the united states, but hey who cares right?
  8. Static
    The top picture is Herb Batemen, a Virginia congressman who we both admired for his ability to look incredibly old. The middle picture is a former local sports columnist here who wrote about the Redskins for 15 years before retiring to become a car salesmen. Later i met him at a McDonalds for a photo shoot for a birthday present for my cousin. The bottom picture is Famous comedian actor Eugene Wilder. They are all dead.
  9. Thanks for your time