My dad has been addicted to... Cocaine(we think) since ...1997 was the first time he left. At that time he was gone for 5 days straight and i was convinced he was kidnapped
  1. Tried not to think that he might be having a heart attack
  2. Thought about how he might be having a heart attack
  3. Picked up a piece of plywood to lay in the attic of a house my dad remodeled in order to get a final inspection so the family could move in this week
  4. Smoked profusely
  5. Loaded 50 pieces of stone blocks into the back seat of my car which was covered with a furniture blanket that i got from when i was an assistant stylist for Evette Rios, currently of Recipe Rehab
  6. Tried to figure out where to submit my opinion/dark satire piece that i wrote about the virginia shooting
  7. Made a flyer and took it to a feed and seed store nearby to sell my sister's numerous rabbits
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  8. Went to a remodeled house my dad did in a bad neighborhood to make sure that the outdoor A/C unit wasnt stolen again before the new owners move in
  9. After passing the final inspection i texted my dad "we passed the final inspection" then "hope you're not in heaven"
  10. Pitched my article to many magazines and newspapers. My first time doing this