1. You're not going to eat more chicken?
  2. You don't want more lettuce than that?
  3. How many pea pods will you eat?
  4. You need more shrimp than that you're always hungry
  5. What I would do is put the noodles on top
  6. (The finished product)
  7. I should have put more teriyaki sauce on the chicken it needs more saltiness
  8. You talk about being hungry but you put off eating
    (While I'm writing this)
  9. (She's eating and I'm about to)
  10. Richard I'm surprised you didnt eat more of your dinner
    Richard's my dad. He was laying down.
  11. Postscript 1: would you like more cilantro?
  12. Postscript 2: would you like more shrimp?
  13. (Figured there should be a photo of the food)