1. Do you think Dr. Phil is a white Steve Harvey?
  2. Jen You ruined my laundry!
  3. Jen you married my sister but that doesnt give you the right to bleach my darks
  4. Don't you tell me to calm down look at my Pearl Jam shirt
  5. Hey stop calling me at work!
  6. They're your kids too
  7. Don't call here anymore
  8. Have some respect
  9. I'm going to block this number
  10. Tara is this you again? Christ hang up the phone this is my work number
  11. Let's get a divorce I don't care
  12. I'm at work just leave me alone
  13. Oh my God why are you doing this to me?
  14. You are psychotic you need help
  15. I have customers!
  16. Hi yes can I help you?
  17. Drop off sure thing. Put it on the scale
  18. Tara I swear to God I'm going to block this number you're going to get me fired
  19. While you were going to Florida with your parents and cheating on me I was here working everyday to feed our son
  20. He missed you so much and I had to keep making up excuses about where you were
  21. Whats going on in your head?
  22. Jen lay off the bleach I swear to Christ!