My dad is a contractor and I've been living at home in Virginia and working for him for 2.5 years now. I can't wait to leave and i am saving up for it, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy these nuggets of wisdom
  1. Livin the dream
    That missing "g" at the end is authentic
  2. Just another day in paradise
    I think this means "I'm grateful for the job but not too grateful"
  3. Hangin in there
    Missing "g" applies here as well
  4. Did you bring lunch?
    Construction workers love to make jokes about how poor they are. The onus is that you're making more than them. Ha ha ha.
  5. Did you bring the board stretcher?
    Obviously there is no such thing. You can replace "board" with brick or almost anything else. Construction workers love to play pranks on new people to get them used to taking orders