Let's face it, we got a good thing goin from God but let's not rock the boat here
  1. Dancing
    Way too much below the waist contact
  2. Drinking a beer after church
    Next thing you know you'll wake up in bed with a prostitute
  3. Double Dutch
    Jesus doesnt like a show-off
  4. Pokemon Go
    More like Pokemon No. Obviously satanic
  5. Looking at a woman in a bikini
    Let me stop you right there
  6. PG-13 movies
    Thanks a lot Obama
  7. Gambling
    What will your wife say when you tell her you lost your wedding ring in a dice game?
  8. Suggesting your pastor is wrong
    Just don't do it. Trust me on this one
  9. Computers
    Use with caution
  10. Internet
    Only with a filter from an anti masturbation site
  11. Email
    If you've thought about sending a form letter pretending to be a Nigerian prince then you've already asked your grandmother for her social security number in your heart
  12. Aol chat rooms
    I think you already know
  13. Being in the same room as a woman with the door closed
    Way too much temptation there
  14. Bouncing checks
  15. R movies (except the Passion of the Christ and maybe Amistad)
    Jesus wouldn't be caught risen from the dead watching Synechdoche, New York. He hates that artsy crap.
  16. Cover those shoulders.
    People think it's boobs and butts, no, it's bare shoulders that will draw all lustful creatures to you and cause you to fall.
    Suggested by @marginally_amazing
  17. No touching!
    Touching obviously leads to sex. Sex = sin. Come on people. You know this.
    Suggested by @ameliaseptember