1. Im not who you want me to be
  2. Even some who i like all their lists may never follow me
  3. Some have blocked and will continue to hate you
  4. Others will mock and openly berate you
  5. The trending list has disappeared
  6. And summed up all of our fears
  7. Inwardly we gaze
  8. And wander about in a daze
  9. Some of us have been thrown into confusion
  10. Not to worry gang. @bjnovak has the solution
  11. We liked it how it was before
  12. Now finding things is a chore
  13. But look at how it makes everything look so colorful and bright
  14. It's sure to cause imaginations to alight
  15. Maybe this will bring the dissafected listers back
  16. The ones for whom this was all too much to keep track
  17. Maybe it was neccessary to grow even though we've come so far
  18. You must admit the trending list was a bit shall we say insular?
  19. So don't give up hope. Please don't feel lost
  20. It's not like you're in a boat and overboard you've been tossed
  21. Your friends will still be here making magic with their art
  22. And hopefully the update will allow even more to open up their hearts
  23. So even though the new Li.st may not be a hit right away. It's true.
  24. God Damn it Li.st I just can't quit you