1. Dear God what did i do to deserve this?
  2. I wonder how many senior citizens with difficulty walking i will see.
  3. This pizza probably has ratmeat in it.
  4. I'm buying it anyway. I mean. I'm here aren't I?
  5. Everyone looks so poor and downtrodden.
  6. If they had one in new york i can only imagine the number of homeless people that would be begging outside
  7. That old man's hair looked like beethoven
  8. What am i gonna do with a 30 pack of paper towels should i choose to buy so many?
  9. Everyone seems to have a blank stare on their faces in the checkout line as if they were being punished
  10. My sister gave my dad a groupon to join. I didn't know that was a thing anymore
  11. Why did that old woman dye her hair dark red? It looked like christmas tree lining
  12. What is that man going to do with 200 bottles of water? Probably planning for a zombie attack.
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  13. Is there a sale on rascal scooters?
  14. They should give them out at the front door if you ask for them.
  15. I bet people still buy cd's here
  16. These jobs are putting no one through college
  17. Someone just left this stack of water here on a table. Also thats my slice of pizza
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  18. This should be some sort of requirement for people who come to america
  19. If we exported this to afghanistan we could bring down the jihad overnight