1. I see we're making lists of favorite songs and food now
  2. In the future will it be okay to wholesale quote entire skits?
  3. I was thinking of making a list of the top 5 rappers of all time
  4. The answer would have been - Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan because i spit Hot Fire
  5. That was from the Chappelle Show
  6. But i didn't post it because ever since the deposition was unsealed it's looked real bad for Dave. His friends have been dropping right and left and his wife just sat back and said "Boys will be Boys"
  7. I think the media is the real villain here. When will they stop going after family members?
  8. They don't care who they hurt in their pursuit of "truth"!
  9. I'm surprised they didn't pen the murder of James Jordan on Charles Barkley