1. Barry Manilow
    I'm pretty sure we can all agree on this
  2. Essays on Dosbox, the program that creates a dos shell on your pc and enables you to run any program ever created for dos
    Just don't ask about mouse support
  3. How granola was invented
    Wait wait wait oats....and berries?
  4. Things that aren't on tv
    Nawww son don't bring that noise in here!
  5. Garfield's troubled relationship with his owner John.
    Get ready for some serious discussions about losing weight and guilt
  6. Whether the salt or the pepper shaker should have two holes
  7. Letting your children be raised by wolves
    http://theelizabethian.com/parenting-by-wolves/ didn't get any comments from this
  8. The uncovered script for Oh God You Devil 3: Evin Devilier
    George Burns wouldn't do drag
  9. How to organize PTA meetings
    The devil is in the details
  10. Professions besides working in television
    Ball is life son!
  11. The proper way to drink your Ovaltine
    It's not what you think.
  12. Best locations for a new Taco Bell in Topeka, Kansas
    We're gonna need a bigger map
  13. Parenting Advice
    Parents click here
  14. Where to park your Hummer in Times Square
    Hint: not in front of Bubba Gump Shrimp
  15. Toothpaste vs Baking Soda
    The debate rages!
  16. How furniture tags are applied
    Warning: do not remove this label
  17. How servers are trained to say "ya'll" at Cracker Barrell
    Or how they always know which food is your favorite
  18. Where Monica Lewinsky gets her laundry done
  19. How to build a catalytic converter
    Consult your local AutoZone
  20. Another list about Tinder
    I'm either gonna get a lot of heat for this, or no heat which is much worse