1. I don't have low blood sugar
  2. I got a blood test and thats what it said
  3. Actually it didn't say that, a doctor did who read the results. Blood tests can't talk
  4. She was a woman and i spent a minute or two deciding if i was attracted to her before settling on not.
  5. She said i had very low b12 levels and lack of b12 can cause sluggishness and fatigue (aren't they like the same thing?) and hunger
  6. I get hungry all the time guys.
  7. Like i could literally eat a horse if it was in a country in which equine were served as a delicacy and space it out over a matter of weeks because a horse is huge!
  8. I mean really big.
  9. But i guess they would have to put most of it in the freezer while i ate the parts that i could stomach that day.
  10. Would i have to get multiple freezers to hold those carcass pieces?
  11. What if the country i was in to eat this horse didn't have electricity or running water and the natives believed that when you ate a horse you gained it's power?
  12. I think i could dig living in a country like that.
  13. I would show them my rose gold iphone and probably be their leader. Also i would definitely put it on low power mode and only turn it on to show them how powerful i was.
  14. I could probably keep that up for weeks before they threw me off a cliff to sacrifice to their gods
  15. Anyway i took b12 injections for a week straight and i don't feel any different.
  16. Now i have to take a few more and go back and see the doctor and see what she says.