For the past 20 years my dad has been embezzling money from his own construction company and spending it on drugs in an undisclosed location
  1. He's been driving the truck around by himself even though my mom doesn't want him anywhere near a vehicle without an escort.
  2. He came home at 10pm after a drug trip, threw the keys down, and said "Joshua I'm sorry. I thought I could drive by myself. Obviously I was wrong"
  3. The next morning he said he couldn't find his phone so I logged into his icloud account to look for his phone and it said "phone is offline" so it couldn't be tracked.
  4. Whoever had his phone didn't want us to find them.
  5. I waited till the afternoon so his mind would be a little clearer after the drugs and asked him if he remembered anything in regards to where his phone was. He said he did not
  6. I set his phone to "lost mode" on icloud and left whoever saw it a message to call me
  7. I also texted them on his phone several times.
  8. My dad suggested that I offer them a reward for returning it.
  9. Finally I got a call from a woman who identified herself as "Candy". She said he hadn't lost it. He had sold it for 200 dollars of drugs. I offered to buy it back and she agreed. I'm going to meet her at a public place with 200 dollars cash when I get off work today, hopefully a Dunkin Doughnuts or something like that.
  10. I haven't told the rest of my family because I know they would tell him that he lied to us again and why did he do that and he would just get upset and start yelling.
  11. My sister already suggested that he just get a cheap phone replacement because he doesn't even text.
  12. I want my dad to see himself as someone worthy of love even though he has proven himself unworthy of it many many times
  13. You can buy many things for 200 dollars but you only have one dad
  14. I waited for 2 and a half hours for Candy at the Wendy's she finally arrived sans phone and said i needed to take her to meet the guy who purchased the phone from my dad. We drove to a real shady part of town in Norfolk, Virginia and she said to wait for her in the Chinese restaurant. She walked away to pick it up. She says she will return
  15. And I'll give her the 200 in cash. I moved my car so no one would see where i was. I am in panick mode right now waiting