Ways you could die in the 80's as a kid

  1. Killed by a demon you summoned while playing Dungeons and Dragons
  2. Syphilis from the ball crawl at Chuck E Cheese or Showbiz Pizza, where a kid can be a kid.
  3. Tripping and breaking your neck while climbing out of the mouth of Mayor McCheese at the McDonald's playground
  4. Swallowing that giant ball that came in boxes of Cheerios
  5. Stepping into traffic while walking home from school and playing Tetris on your gameboy
  6. Suplexing your 2 year old brother off the top of the couch like you saw Hulk Hogan do
  7. Overdosing when every arcade game clearly told you that winners don't use drugs
  8. Emphysema from smoking because you wanted to be as cool as this guy
  9. Forgetting to say no to strangers with candy and large vans
  10. Drowned in a pool while going on an adventure with best friend Teddy Ruxpin
  11. Contracted Aids and died from drinking out of a school water fountain