Tomorrow I'm flying out of Newark to Milwaukee and me and 6 other people are driving branded vans back to New York City. We have hotels paid for in Milwaukee and Youngstown Ohio (Cleveland is in between those two places)
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    My cousin has reccomended I watch the Milwaukee Brewers play the Astros in Miller Park.
    But mostly he says I should do it for the hot dog races
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    Red meat and beer in milwaukee.
    It is Old Milwaukee after all
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    There is a regional custard chain in Milwaukee called Kopps
    I do love regional foods
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    I could meet @evan on friday while I'm in Milwaukee because according to the United Stats of list app (thanks @ladyprofessor UNITED STATES OF LIST APP πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ) he lives in Wisconsin so he has to be nearby right?
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    I do have more than a little trepidation about possibly meeting @neorsd on Saturday who works in Cleveland
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    Pretty excited to see all the crumbling and abandoned buildings in Youngstown. It was once a thriving industrial town but the loss of their factory jobs has reduced the population from a high of about 150,000 in the 50's to about a third of that now
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    Don't have any time to think of any more. Help me out list app!
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    Try some of the unique Horny Goat brewery beers at the Horny Goat Brew Pub in Milwaukee! 🐐🍺
    Suggested by @K8ts