1. The war on taking Christ out of Valentine's Day
  2. Facebook stealing your privacy (I've got some bad news for you on this one)
  3. Monsanto becoming a cutesy cuddly mascot for the Bejing winter olympics in 2022 (it's never too early to panic)
  4. Tiger Woods as Donald Trump's Vice Presidential candidate ("see how nice I am to black people?")
  5. Reading the Bible for the first time and trying to avoid having the ending spoiled
  6. Targeted Lists based on your listing habits. Unfortunately the data would get mixed up on Neil-Degrasse Tyson and send you constant lists from Mike Tyson about who else's ear he wished he had eaten
  7. Accidentally referring to the first ever dwarf lister as a midget. So not cool dude. Now watch this trailer for Tiptoes and repent http://youtu.be/uWyj6l_FnLk
  8. Marrying someone who talks during movies
  9. The line for the Starbucks bathroom - hey some things never change
  10. Your squad leaving you because they discovered that occasionally you shop at Wal-Mart "but only for specific items you guys!"