1. After i wrote this article in the NY Observer about trying to buy tickets for the radiohead show at Madison Square Garden then losing them to robots i figured that was it
  2. Then someone from the fanclub reached out to me on facebook from the other folder which i now have open thanks to an article i read and offered me a ticket for the original price of 80 dollars.
    Ps check your "other" folder in facebook
  3. I was in virginia and thought about not going but @tombatten encouraged me "come on man its radiohead" or something like that. I could pull up the exact text but i dont have time for that. I'm making this list!
  4. Another friend of mine from richmond who i mention in the previous story was already going to be in nyc and i ended up splitting half of the cost for a ticket for him to go.
  5. Also i convinced my editors to let me do a follow up. They called it the hero's journey.
  6. I wanted to to talk to politicans, people at the show and anyone that would be good for a quote.
    Thats probably the most important lesson i've learned from my short journalism career. Always get an interesting quote.
  7. While i was driving i occasionally had to pull over to try to get interviews with politicians. Ultimately i could not get a phone interview. However, i did eventually get an email quote from the attorney General of New York who is the major driving force in ticket reselling consumer protection!
  8. My favorite podcast is called "The Gist" by Slate Magazine and its hosted by a guy named Mike Pesca who is hilarious and a great talker with an opinion about everything. I contacted him on twitter along with a link to my first article and he gave me his cell phone and email!!! Because I wrote an article I was able to talk to one of my heroes!
  9. It was a wonderful interview and I wish I had tape recorded it. It felt like my own personal podcast. He was warm and friendly and gregarious, and most importantly he gave me great quotes!
  10. Had a great time in NY with my friend Chino, met a wonderful girl at the show which is covered in the article. Had the best night of my life. Radiohead operate on a direct wavelength to your emotions
  11. Also we had some amazing Korean food in a little shop in Koreatown NY called woorijip. Incredible food and oh so cheap
  12. Here is a picture of me and Chino after the show. We were fairly shook.
  13. I drove straight back to Virginia and slept the entire day. The next morning I went back to driving my dad around for work because otherwise he might buy drugs. My editor, who before the first article came out was basically ignoring me, now was begging me for the follow up
  14. He didnt know i lived in virginia so he assumed that i had been working on it the next day. I had not.
  15. I spent approximately 6-8 hours furiously writing, drinking coffee, and editing. It was published the next day with my beginning and ending totally changed so now I am proud of the story but still mortified that my opening and closing were so in need of repair.
  16. I do like the meat of the story i think i really have something there.
  17. After i sent the article to a friend of mine he said "welcome to the club" then began giving me advice on how to make money as a journalist. Thank you thank you!
    Maybe i should make a list of this?
  18. Thanks @tombatten and @marginally_amazing for the advice and encouragement and thanks again @videodrew for saying yes