1. You are not the father!
  2. Involves a mix up @ the hospital where a baby is swapped for an alien baby
  3. Stars Drake somehow
  4. Real Housewives of Pasadena
  5. Medical Malpractice (a reality show)
  6. Endless Japanese game shows about men using something like Tindr and swiping left on the wrong girl then getting kicked in the balls and everyone laughing
  7. A thousand Modern Family seaquels
  8. Sequest: DSV the new wave
  9. Joe vs the Volcano the tv show starring Joe Rogan in the Tom Hanks role
  10. No laugh tracks because in the future laughter is dead
  11. All laugh tracks because everything is so funny! Stars they're just like us! Look how bad Jennifer Connelly looks when she goes shopping 👩‍❤️‍👩👯💃
  12. Plumbing with the Stars
  13. Hosted by @hardwick
  14. Has Regis Philbin in a series of wacky cameo appearances as the next door neighbor from the South Pole - so wierd!