No point in holding on to this draft any longer
  1. Donald Trump will dress up as his favorite villain Dick Cheney complete with bomb throwing wheelchair
  2. Ben Carson will dress up as Dirty Harry. Can't you imagine him saying in his nice guy straining to be polite voice "Go Ahead and Make My Budget Reform"?
  3. Hillary will dress up as herself as a vampire. When people see her fangs she'll joke that she's gonna take a bite out of the republicans plan to gut medicare benefits
  4. Bernie Sanders will dress up as Fred Flintstone because his wife suggested he go on the Paleo diet. He's hard of hearing and at first he thought it was the Palin diet so he shot a moose. He's excited that he can say "yabba dabba doo we gotta take the rocks from Mr Slate the 1 percent"
  5. Marco Rubio will wear a Barrack Obama mask and scare adults at each door by yelling "Obamacare or treat!"