Today is not the end
  1. Today is the day that America has selected
  2. For America's electors to make their election
  3. And select the candidate that 46 percent of Americans who voted have selected
  4. Who despite his most odious and loathsome ways
  5. convinced millions to believe the things that he says
  6. Most of us here don't know what to do
  7. to continue to think that America is for all of us - me and you
  8. When deep in our hearts we just know thats not true
  9. But there was once one among us who would know what to do
  10. He was always encouraging us to be strong brave and true
  11. Write all your thoughts he used to say.
  12. Make lists that are true
  13. Make lists when you feel good
  14. Make lists when you're sad
  15. And even especially list when you're mad
  16. And never forget to list whats important to you
  17. His name was @ChrisK and he wrote 1000 lists
  18. He wrote a lot of thats and even more thises
  19. He thought about smells and sounds and sky
  20. He wanted to breathe deeply and read books and just LIVE
  21. He want to increase joy, surprise and delight, and he did!
  22. And more than often he wondered why
  23. But what would he do?
  24. Would he able to encourage, exhort, and uplift?
  25. Would he tell you to tear open your secret santa gift?
  26. What would he say on today of all days?
  27. He would tell you to grab life by the throat and rip it open wide
  28. I know he would deep down inside
  29. Look at all the good and dont focus on the ills
  30. Count your blessings, not your bills
  31. Make thank you cards and thank you notes
  32. Pack kisses into thank you totes
  33. Don't give in to Trump and his pit of despair
  34. All you're doing is increasing his hot air
  35. It won't be easy but Im telling you to try
  36. If Chris K can do it, then so can you and so can I
  37. Giphy
  38. Important UPdate! I sent this to Chris and he loved it. 😎 he said i made him sound like superman. Maybe i did. He's an amazing inspiration