This suitcase is crammed with items from the years from about 95-97 when I went to Bible school in Lima, NY (rochesterish). I haven't opened it in over 10 years. Most of it is probably relating to my ex girlfriend from that time, Hannah. In fact, she is my only ex girlfriend. I have never been in another serious reationship
  1. Here is the suitcase. Let's open it up!
  2. Here's what it looks like when I open it up. That big white box is crammed with letters from Hannah. I think the envelope is from her as well
  3. This just popped out when I moved the box. I believe it to be the only photograph of us together
  4. Here is a report I did on Mexico for a class called World Missions. I got a B+
  5. This is the bubble wrap case for a tape she made for Christmas of 1996. It says "Merry Christmas Frank" on it. I used to listen to that tape over and over and over again for years and years. I even brought it in to acting class for an exercise to make myself cry.
  6. This is the cover of another compilation tape she made me. I completely forgot about this one. I have no idea what's on it although the first track is a list entitled "7 words that rhyme with cantalope. It looks like theyre mostly her making wierd sketches and concepts and some songs like Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees"
  7. Valentine's card from a friend. I found several more but i thought this was the best
  8. Here's what it says on the back. "You are great. I painted my lips with permanent marker so be thankful for that."
  9. A train fare ticket stub from 10/7/1995 leaving from Geneseo, NY and stopping in Elmira, NY before arriving in Washington D.C. Which is 3 hours away from my parents. I have no idea why I didnt get a train that went closer
  10. Ohhhh mystery solved...sort of. I have 2 ticket stubs and the second has Richmond, VA on it which makes a lot more sense it but it doesn't say Elmira...?
  11. A piece of paper which appears to have one line summations of early sketches I wanted to make
  12. This book which left zero impression on me and I am only including it to be a wierd completist. Skimming through it quickly, it appears to be a facts and figures to christian mission work today and how to get involved yourself
  13. It was the 90's so I made a lot of mixtapes. It was called "Josh's Awesome Crap part 3"
  14. A solitary Depeche Mode tape
  15. A pig that likely came from an article of clothing. The front says "Elmer" and the back says "Elmer's butt"
  16. An unmarked Whitman's Samplers box with the Peanuts gang on it
  17. I always liked video games and office softwares
  18. A squirtgun from the time. This would probably be illegal now
  19. Holy spirit baptism pamphlet done by the college press
  20. I was pretty excited about paper airplanes at the time
  21. A collection of newspaper headlines that were important to me. This one is announcing the end of "The Far Side" my favorite comic strip. Others were about Michael Jordan and movies.
  22. Our student guide from Elim Bible Institute
  23. Honor Point Removal slips. I had quite the stack
    Our school went by a 20 point honor code. If you lost more than 10 in one semester you were banished to your room for a week. Common offences were talking loudly, dressing sloppily for class, and causing a disturbance
  24. Several pictures. Here's the best one i think. Really young me at school
  25. A handwritten note from a girl who I cannot remember.
  26. A years worth of Dilbert once a day cartoons
  27. I cannot remember who gave me this
  28. Pages of a book of my poems that fell out of their binding. Hannah gave me this book and it split in half on the day she broke up with me
  29. Box of hot cocoa mix with mix still inside
  30. A picture of the 33 letters she wrote me. They contained lots and lots of pages and miles of glitter. Should i do anything with these? Make a book? I asked her years ago for my letters back but she didn't know where they were
  31. A christmas card she made me.
  32. And this valentine's card (front) as my heart melts seeing this. It says "Josh" in small letters on the heart.
  33. The back is a poem and a letter. She's an amazing collage artist. I can't take much more of this. It's already hard to breathe.
  34. And finally. This. I was in love with a faerie princess and I lost her. What have I done?