It might have been the high point of my list career when @evan commented about my list "Thoughts on having children" THOUGHTS ON HAVING CHILDREN and called it "delicious wierdness" Would love to hear this high praise again
  1. LA Times review of the new testament
  2. Surprising facts about breakfast
  3. Things overheard in the 80's
  4. Last nights republican debate as narrated by two pigeons
  5. For I shall be your babysitter (subtle wink to @mindy )
  6. Signs that you might be veteran character actor Corbin Bernson
  7. Hit bands you're most likely to see at county fairs
  8. If i was trapped on a dessert island with Regis Philbin
  9. Classic boardgames rethought of in light of our post-modern society
  10. Top ten chiropractor jokes
  11. Mountain Dew flavors created by robots for robots
  12. Depression cures by someone who is not a doctor