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  1. You're always trying to "get over" with co-workers and your boss.
  2. Management always holding you down and giving the promotion "push" to relatives or new hotshots who havent been around half as long as you have.
  3. You're always trying to get the biggest "pop" possible when you do presentations.
  4. In the break room everyone is always "shooting" on management.
  5. You are often forced to "sell" ideas and products that you know just won't work.
  6. You just can't seem to get any "heat" at all from the new girl no matter how many ways you try to talk to her she just ignores you.
  7. Huge pressure for you to get a "pop" from viewers for the commercial you worked on and growing tension that you might be fired if you don't.
  8. You feel like a "babyface" for always following the rules and not getting anywhere and it just seems like Steve from accounting is a "heel" and stole all your ideas and cheated his way to the top.
  9. Those interns getting coffee are total "jobbers"
  10. Constant fear that your "work rate" isn't strong enough to avoid the layoffs that you know are coming in quarter 2.
  11. Having to keep "kayfabe" when you're lying for your friend, but really, you don't hate that guy. In fact, he bought you a pitcher of beer last night.
    Suggested by @thetrillwitch