1. My teacher is super boring
  2. I mean like bo ring
  3. One time he had sweat stains in his armpits that looked like sailboats
  4. They make us learn stuff that ill never need to know irl
  5. Cafeteria food is gross
  6. I wrote a note to a boy and he didnt write back
  7. My big brother in the other grade ignores me in the hallway
  8. Everyone laughs at my braces. I hate them!
  9. School uniforms!!! Gross
  10. Homework - i dont want to do it. I copy all the answers from my friend sally on the bus ride to school
  11. I slipped on some water once and everyone laughed and no one tried to help me
  12. All my valentines candy from my gramma got stolen out of my locker during gym. There were candy hearts on the ground and i cried and i looked around and no one would tell me who did it
  13. I chewed on a pen so long once that it broke and i got ink everywhere
  14. My mom always picks me up late so i end up having to stay after school with the kids in detention while waiting for her
  15. I hate school
  16. I never wanna go back