Or is my feed another list? Its a scrolling list of lists thats for sure. Either way the following words in list titles turn me off so much that I just end up blocking people and i wish instead that i could just block lists with these words in them because i may like other lists by these same people
  1. Tinder
    Ladies on Tinder who make fun of men for talking to them. I get it. However, I can laugh at fools for only so long before i feel like one myself. Diminishing returns here
  2. Basic
    Uggh. This word gives me the shivers. This is shaming for the sake of shaming which i may add is the worst kind of shaming.
  3. Extra
    Can this be replaced with the word "Basic"? I don't know and I'm not sure I want to know. Either way I am "basically" done with the word. Stop hatin!
  4. Fuck Boy
    If men just want to sleep with you and aren't interested in a relationship do you think that maybe just maybe it may be some reflection on you? Either way I just don't want to hear an entire list about it anymore.