I'm old, I'm single, and my parents only give $$ to charities now NO ACTUAL GIFTS. So...I'm my only Santa!
  1. Troye Sivan "Blue Neighborhood"
    Completely mindblowingly beautiful. Fave song: "Talk Me Down"
  2. Torres "Sprinter"
    I'm not a PJ Harvey fan particularly so I was wary. But I really like this mad sad mess of emotion.
  3. Joan Shelley "Over and Even"
    She has a beautiful, Joan Baez-level pure clear voice. A couple songs I love. (Love the lyric "There is no more shelter for the broken.") But a lot of this album feels too safe and/or predictable to me. I don't necessarily feel a lot of her heart in these songs or mine doesn't get tugged the way I want it to.
  4. PWR BTTM "Ugly Cherries"
    Loud brash sassy. Bought it for "I Wanna Boi" (LOVE) and really like the whole album.
  5. Jason Isbell "Something More Than Free"
    Total classic, sometimes epic, Americana CSNY Allman vibe. I always really enjoy listening to him altho his sober ness makes this a very different sound than the times I saw him live (relatively long ago).
  6. Hop Along "Painted Shut"
    Rough and ragged and really good.
  7. Julien Baker "Sprained Ankle"
    Sparse arrangements. Plaintive, sometimes pleading. I like it but I longed to hear her pick up the tempo once in a while.
  8. Saintseneca "Such Things"
    TBD. Haven't managed to listen yet. Soon.
  9. Chris Stapleton "Traveler"
    I wanted this to be my new/next Sturgill Simpson. But it's really not. (I am still listening to that Sturgill Simpson album a LOT and it's what, a year old now?)
  10. Andy Shauf "The Bearer of Bad News"
    This guy is a musical chameleon; every song sounds like it's from a completely different album...except for that muted sax in the background. Occasional resonances of Elliot Smith. I randomly bought this based on Robin Hilton's year-end list (NPR All Songs Considered) and am so glad I did.
  11. Vance Joy "Dream Your Life Away"
    It's got that bo-jangly singer-songwriter-y thing I love. Like it a lot.