Possibly a complete list? Will my father allow another dog after this one?
  1. Jude the Obscure
    After the Thomas Hardy novel.
  2. Sullivan
    As in Gilbert and Sullivan.
  3. Teeboo
    A compromise with my brother. This dog was to be named Gilbert (the Gilbert to his sister Sullivan) but my brother refused. He suggested Xenophon, which my father then refused. "I will not be yelling "Come, Xenophon!" out the backdoor!" Xenophon and Teeboo are (supposedly?) the names of some Ancient Greek warriors my brother was obsessed with back in the day. Neither know nor care if I am spelling those correctly.
  4. Patience
    After a Gilbert & Sullivan opera, called Patience.
  5. Yum-Yum
    Named after one of the "Three Little Maids from School" from, you guessed it, the Gilbert & Sullivan opera "The Mikado."