My Favorite Storms

Some of my favorite storms from the last few years of chasing.
  1. Lodgepole Nebraska 2012
    A stunning supercell with some of the best structure ever!
  2. Lodgepole Bolt
    This is the Lodgepole NE storm a few hours later as it lit up the night
  3. Kansas Lightning 2013
    2013 was a slow year for storm structure but I caught some great bolts.
  4. Oklahoma Road 2014
    Waiting by the road in Oklahoma for the lightning to do its thing but the escaping traffic added its own energy
  5. Hail Core Coming 2015
    Great supercell structure with a rain wrapped hail core.
  6. Canadian Texas Tornado 2015
    The storm that kept giving, producing 4 tornadoes over a few hours and hardly moving in between.
  7. Texline Rumbler 2015
    The hail roar from this storm in the Texas panhandle was amazing. 2 fellow chasers for scale.