It's all uphill from here. Firm believer in give and take so here's my give to all you new'ers who are procrastinating. You are not alone 😘
  1. Am I being 'work me' or 'me me'?
    Duka_Jules, the founder of ethical fashion company @dukashopkenya would curate only thoughtful ethical fashion and startup advice lists. 🤓 Whereas, I, mere Jules, might list my top superstitions or 99 pictures of my dog. Or why only there is only one good brand of coconut popsicles ✨🐶 🍡
  2. I haven't thought of something original to offer...yet
    You guys are so creative! And @bjnovak ... whaaaat, the pressure is on. I want my lists to be badass and offer something to the community. Stick with me here. ✌️
  3. My lists are all random #s of items 1️⃣⏸4️⃣9️⃣7️⃣
    Primarily, 1. Which I'm not sure counts. My true colors show in that I'm stuck on the top 5 or 10 scenario. Novice, you say?
  4. Damn this is hard 😨
    Just taking a breather
  5. I was busy reading other people's lists 👌
    ...and watching your movie suggestions