1. Betsy Ross
    Omggggg Betsy we fucking get it they picked your flag
  2. The Wright Brothers
    Wow you guys should see the view from up here but oh shit wait
  3. King Tut
    🐈 Managed the first cat account 🐈
  4. Shakespeare
    There's a rumor he doesn't even write his own content and just misappropriated other people's for @thefatstratforduponavon
  5. Sigmund Freud
    Check out these mom pix
  6. Pocahontas
    #cleaneating #cleanliving #lookatthistree #bluecornmoon
  7. Mary Todd Lincoln
    Ma'am u literally can't take a selfie in this theater
  8. Julia Child
    But not cause of food--she actually only posts memes