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Everyone loves a good prank
  1. Get drunk before flying
    Tell your passengers they'll make it to their destination and then tell them it's a prank
  2. Only fill the plane fuel up halfway
    We should make it! Prank!!!
  3. Never get a pilots license
    They thought you could fly but u pranked them
  1. A TSA agent saying "I'm not like the other ones 😏"
    Well I don't go to the airport regularly so I don't really understand what that means.
  2. A man taking a selfie after passing TSA
    I guess he was glad he made it through
  3. Multiple people on the Pokemon app
    I don't see any children around
  1. Bite mark
    Yeah, a real adult human bit me
  2. Seductive cat
    I think my friends cat wants to fuck me
  3. Noodles
    Was used in reference to someone's hair
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There is a fine line between need and want
  1. Freestyle Coke machine
  2. Faucet of hot cheese
  3. Beagles
    Bagels or bugels are equivalent substitutes
  4. Larry David
    No substitute will be valuable here