Requested by @dev
My favorite delis in LA. Note the following caveats: 1) I am Jewish, but the Jewishness helps but isn't the only measure, 2) I love pastrami so it will be a defining factor in rankings, 3) I am from NY/NJ and the best delis in NYC are all better than these...
  1. Langers
    The original best pastrami in LA. Very good. Hot pastrami. A bit out of the way from anything else.
  2. Brent's
    Way out in the Valley, Westlake Village. Very solid all around, sandwiches, deserts, latkes and more.
  3. Wexlers
    Great new edition in LA's central market. Negatives: Line can be long and not much seating
  4. Nate 'n Al's
    Suggested by @jill
  5. Factors
    Good all around option on Pico in the middle of the westside
  6. Greenblatt's
    Obviously not the tops of this list, but their sandwiches, smoked fish & desserts are certainly better than Jerry's. Good pickles too.
    Suggested by @sandydanto
  7. Canters
    Great location for late night deli, but the food is solid, nothing more. Best to go when drunk
  8. Jerrys