Inspired by @dev & @bjnovak
  1. American Idol (Seasons 1 & 2)
    Season 2: Reuben v Clay was Big Deal
  2. CSI
    The OG version. Awesome opening love the Who song
  3. Amazing Race
    Was seriously the best and I still dream of competing on it one day
  4. Ally McBeal
    Not sure why. Dancing babies and Calista Flockhart are not my thing...
  5. Friends (last few seasons)
    Not as good as the original episodes and my Mom always commented it was too "adult", ha
  6. All the NY Rangers (93-94 FTW)
  7. All the Yankees (so many rings!)
  8. Survivor (season 1 & 2)
    Richard was weird. Remember when mike fell in the fire (no clue how I remember that)
  9. Law & Order, ER, NYPD Blue
    Man, NBC used to dominate. What happened?