1. Giphy
    Doctor who?
  2. Giphy
    The notebook. Did one of their last names have Tess in it? Idk.
  3. Giphy
    We get it. You vape.
  4. Giphy
    There was a lot of this. What video game is this? Am I a good guy?
  5. Giphy
    I wish this was true
  6. Giphy
    Model. Very cool.
  7. Giphy
    Space is the shit!
  8. Here's where I added my last name
    This is v true
  9. Giphy downsized medium
    Nice play. My family likes baseball.
  10. Giphy
  11. Giphy
    Glee. My sister was/is in love with this actress.
  12. Giphy
    Abc family is the fucking worst.
  13. Giphy
    She's much cooler than me.
  14. Giphy
    This speaks to me. Is her name Tess?
  15. Just my last name now
    There were only two results for this. I'm curious about this.
  16. Giphy
    Dan Duryea was an actor. I can only assume this is the back of his head. I am not related to him to my knowledge.