I saw someone else did this, and it seemed cool. Spoiler alert: I'm one of those people whose iPhone still doesn't pick up fingerprints.
  1. Motorola RAZR
    In ruby red. I got it in 2009 because it was on sale at Walmart when my dad was buying my sister's iPhone. I straight up lost this one, but when we eventually tracked it down, I had already moved on.
  2. LG Neon
    Of course, in green. Otherwise it wouldn't really be neon. I was so happy to have a full keyboard, especially because I just liked sliding it back and forth. This one just crapped out. We went to RadioShack and I think they gave us $3 to buy it.
  3. Pantech Pursuit
    Another green sliding phone. This one was important because it had a full touchscreen. I'm unsure about the timing of this and the neon, but they basically filled my middle school years, Fall 2009- Summer 2012. I think I straight up abandoned the pursuit when I could have a smartphone.
  4. iPhone 4S
    In black, not white, because I wasn't like other girls. I got this for my 15th birthday, the summer before I started high school. Along with this came social media for me, so it was pretty important. Of course, when I took it out of its red Otterbox for just a little while, I dropped it face down on the tile floor of the bathroom, shattering the screen. Luckily for me, it kept working and just did the usual dying iPhone routine as it approached its second birthday. Cont. below
  5. Continued
    I don't completely remember, but it must have stopped working. I don't think I gave up on it. It's life ended during finals week of my junior year, June 2014.
  6. iPhone 5C
    In yellow, just like the somewhat regrettable walls of my bedroom. In some weird attempt to suck up to my mom, I offered to get this cheap phone. My sister always got the newest model with the most storage, so I decided it was my responsibility to make up for all of the money they spent on her. My brain is fucked up. I didn't even touch this out of the LifeProof case for several months. My mom was happy to lay down the cash so that I wouldn't destroy it like I had the last. Cont. below
  7. Continued
    Ive had this worthless hunk of plastic for almost 2 years & I really thought it was going to crap out on me a few months ago. Alas I breathed something resembling life back into it & I have to keep dealing with it for another two months because my dad is too stubborn to get me a new phone until my birthday when he kind of has to. I really dont care if that makes me sound spoiled because I know Im pretty spoiled but I honestly don't ask for a lot from my parents. This turned into a rant. Oh well.