I'm no stranger to buyer's remorse...but here are some purchases that I've never regretted.
  1. Feather All-Stainless Safety Razor
    (Amazon - $200) This razor is a workhorse with no moving parts and no chance to rust. Yes, $200 might be a bit much for a razor but this thing is bulletproof and likely to end up in my will. Plus, every time I use it, I feel like James Bond.
  2. Tools
    (Various - $1000s) I've rarely regretted spending money on anything that increases my creative capacity. If anything tools have enabled me to save or make money. Whatever your craft, investing in high quality tool is rarely a bad investment.
  3. Non-Fiction Books
    (Various) Nothing beats a good book. I read a lot of non-fiction and love having some key books around for reference.
  4. J.A. Henkles Knives and Pots
    (The Bay - $1000) There's something about cooking with great tools. You can literally feel the quality of these Henkles products knives; they scheme "make good food with me" and with proper care will last a lifetime.
  5. Fine Dining
    (Various) Eating out can be expensive but I'm yet to regret a fantastic meal at an outstanding restaurant. The trick is to not hold back; get that expensive bottle of wine, order desert. I'd rather really splurge a few times a year than half-ask every week.
  6. Evernote Premium
    (iTunes Store - $50/year) I use Evernote to keep track of everything and have it on my laptop, phone, and tablet. It's invaluable for running my business and keeping my thoughts in order.
  7. Fruit Trees
    (Various - $75-$150) "Wise men plant trees whose shade they'll never sit in", "The best time to plant a tree is 100 years ago, the second best time is now". In either case, I get huge satisfaction from adding more trees to the backyard or community; doubly so, if it grows food and provides habitat.
  8. Honeybees
    (Various - ~ $200) Maybe not for everyone but I got into beekeeping about 5 years ago and have derived great joy from beekeeping in my backyard.