1. I've seen numerous articles over the past few weeks with headlines like "Don't Worry Guys, the Average Penis Length is Shorter Than You Think," or "How Much Do Women Actually Care About Penis Size: the Answer May Surprise You"
  2. So I'm just assuming there are enough people out there that feel like they need this information
  3. And I just feel like this was never something I stressed about (not because of the size of mine, but because I grew up very sheltered and didn't take gym class and didn't watch porn until later than everyone else, so I never really had anything to compare it to)
  4. I guess there was a time before I went through puberty that I was convinced my Johnson would stay the same size forever, but that's different I think
  5. Are a lot of guys stressing about this??! I understand we see dicks in porn and stuff that are the size of an elephant's trunk, but do so many guys ACTUALLY wish they had a schlong that big?
  6. I'm genuinely curious
  7. Because when all is said and done, there's not much you can do about it
  8. I mean, sure there are implants (but do those even make them bigger), and they just performed the first successful penis transplant, but is that actually where we are headed these days?
  9. Is this something I should actually be concerned about, and I've been blind to it all these years????!
  10. What do you think, List App?! Is penis size really as big of a deal as the Internet makes it seem??
  11. This is very important scientific research to finally solve this mystery ONCE AND FOR ALL
  12. BONUS QUESTION: what's your favorite term for the penis?
  13. 🍆🍆🍆