Don't care that this is like "emo," or whatever
  1. My friends tell me I have trouble reading social cues, and that's why dating and certain friendships don't work for me
  2. They say I "come on too strong"
  3. When did it become not okay to tell people how you feel?
  4. Being emotive does not = crazy (at least, not in my world)
  5. Also, I get it -- some people aren't as communicative as me, and that's okay (but actually, apparently I don't get it)
  6. I just like getting to know new people, whether they are from real life, a dating app, or any other form of social media
  7. I hate that people are so quick to judge me for it or get weirded out by it
  8. I promise my intentions are pure and good, and I'm not crazy
  9. Just because I tell you you're cute doesn't mean I want to sleep with you or am obsessed with you
  10. Just because I text you the day after our first date also doesn't mean I'm obsessed with you
  11. I dunno, maybe I DO come on too strong
  12. You can bet your bottom dollar from now on that I won't let someone make me feel anxious, or sad, or less than, or crazy, or weird, or ANYTHING for it anymore
  13. So like, if you wanna be friends with me, it comes with the territory; I will tell you how I feel, and I will ask you questions because I'm genuinely interested, not because I don't understand how social cues work
  14. And like, I wanna be friends with y'all
  15. BYE
  16. ❣❣❣