Originally performed by Coolio
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  2. Everybody out there, go run and tell
  3. Your homeboys and homegirls, it's time for Kenan and Kel
  4. They keep you laughing in the afternoon
  5. So don't touch that dial or leave the room
  6. 'Cause they always into somethin', it's fun, and you don't wanna miss it
  7. It's double K, like two the good radius
  8. Kenan and Kel, or should I say Kel and Kenan
  9. And you gotta watch Kenan, 'cause Kenan be scheming with a plan or a plot
  10. To make it to the top
  11. But they kinda in the middle 'cause they always getting caught
  12. This ain't the Hardy Boys or a Nancy Drew mystery
  13. It's just Kenan and Kel in yo' vicinity
  14. Like Siegfried and Roy
  15. Abbott and Costello
  16. Magic and Kareem, or
  17. Penn and Teller
  18. Somebody's in trouble
  19. Awww, here goes
  20. On Nick
  21. Ni
  22. Nick
  23. Nick
  24. Ni
  25. Nick
  26. Nick
  27. Nick
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