Disclaimer: these answers are all IMO and are not meant to discount any of the work the actual humans these shows are based on do
  1. Any of the Olsen & Olsen mysteries
    They weren't able to solve any crime by dinner time because the cases were tough, let's be real
  2. Law and Order: SVU
    I feel as though I could just literally walk into their office and start solving cases left and right, not because they are easy, but because I've memorized how it all works
  3. Veronica Mars
    I just feel like I would've really flourished in this particular crime-solving setting, particularly because not many of them involved high-risk criminals or physical activity
  4. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    Pretty standard investigation techniques, but the gadgets might make things a bit tougher
  5. Sherlock
    These cases are all v. complex, but I have an inkling that my experience with technology and social media stalking might equip me with a valuable skill set for this environment
  6. Criminal Minds
    Not very good at reading people and also would get jaded dealing with the black hole of humanity
  7. Blindspot
    Just would get super frustrated when I couldn't solve the tattoo puzzles (see: all puzzles ever)
  8. The Blacklist
    Okay, this might be where I draw the line; these are the baddest of the bad, and there is SO much physical exertion involved, I just feel like it wouldn't be enough to make me keep coming back
  9. NCIS or whatever
    Couldn't solve the crimes because I have literally no idea what this acronym is for, nor do I ever care to find out