1. The entire ending of "Center Stage"
    Fouettés on fleek, canned heat in my heelz
  2. The prom scene from "She's All That"
    Ursher got the beat to make ya booty go *clap*
  3. The school dance from "The Brady Bunch Movie"
    "Never gonna be a teen model" Marcia serving up some lite, groovy moves
  4. The opening from "Bring it On"
    Know all the words duh and also the "brrr, it's cold in here" scene bye
  5. The end of "Dirty Dancing"
    Don't know if I want to be Baby, Swayze, or the ragamuffin dancers from the lodge but honestly could be all 3
  6. Talent show scene from "Mean Girls"
    I'm almost too gay to function but NOT TOO GAY TO DANCE TO "JINGLE BELL ROCK"