Every Room From "Legends of the Hidden Temple" and Some Accompanying Thoughts

  1. The Room of the Three Gargoyles
    A pretty bland room, in general, but a 100% chance of Temple Guard (TG) capture.
  2. The Room of the Royal Gongs
    Same as "Gargoyles." Make sure you have an extra pendant.
  3. The Crypt
    One of the NOPE rooms of the temple. Those skeletons are scary, and the sounds they make are scary. Also what are scary are TGs, and they are for sure lurking in this room. Hard pass.
  4. The Wall Climb
    WAYYYY too much physical exertion in this room, Olmec. You prick.
  5. The Wheel Room
    I'm sorry, on what planet do you think I'm getting into this hamster wheel and running? BYE.
  6. The Pit of Despair
    Really no different from the Wall Climb, except for now the McDonald's PlayPlace things in the pit are now a nice shade of green.
  7. The Rock Quarry
    Again with the work. I'm trying to get to Space Camp, not put rocks into a bucket. 10/10 would skip.
  8. The King's Storeroom
    The trick is to shake the pots, so you can hear which one has the key, rather than wasting time smashing them all. Also, beware: the forecast for this room is cloudy with a 100% chance of TEMPLE GUARDS.
  9. The Observatory
    My kind of room. Cool aesthetic, and simple task. Just spin that little sundial. But you'd better watch out, or you'll be spinning your pendant to a TG.
  10. The Heart Room
    💯 for aesthetic. Minus infinity for the TG you KNOW is lurking behind you.
  11. The Room of Fallen Columns
    The bitch ass producers of the show thought the Heart Room was too simple, so they just threw some columns in there.
  12. Medusa's Lair
    You'd betta WERK those snakes in your hair, guuurrrllll.
  13. The Room of the Mandarin Hand
    Don't even remember this being a room, but it is so scary, so NOPE.
  14. The Chamber of the Secret Markers
    If you are not good at puzzles, avoid this room at all costs.
  15. The Room of the Golden Idols
    Can't do tiki idols ever since the Brady Bunch got cursed in Hawaii. SKIP.
  16. The Treasure Room
    The trick is to run SO FAST and see if the treasure chest is open, and if not, run SO FAST to the other door.
  17. The Treasury of Golden Orbs
    Is this room name for real? I think this is a little much, Olmec. Not even going to acknowledge this room as real.
  18. The Room of the Ancient Warriors
    NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. This place is a TG hideout, fa sho. The second you put your body in one of those things, you're gonna get GOT.
  19. The Shrine of the Silver Monkey
    The OG temple room. We could all assemble that monkey in seconds flat. SPACE CAMP IS OUR'S.
  20. The Torch Room
    SNOOZE. But don't snooze too much, because you will almost definitely probably for sure get captured in here.
  21. The Pirates' Cove
    Cute attempt by the producers to make the Torch Room more interesting, but a giant pirate ship wheel ain't gonna cut it.
  22. The Vipers' Nest
    NOPE, not fucking with those snakes. Or that TG that you KNOW is ready to get you.
  23. The Room of the Secret Password
    The producers are dicks and created a room that forces kids to say ridiculous, made-up words on national television.
  24. The Lightning Ball Room
    Don't remember this being a room, but cool concept.
  25. The Mine Shaft
    Too many options of ways to go next from here. I would've wasted time retrieving a Xanax.
  26. The Well
    Sure, I'd love to climb into that trash can painted to look like a bucket and pull myself up. Jk, I hate that, BYE.
  27. The Quicksand Bog
    Too scared of sinkholes to even think about going through this room.
  28. The Tomb of Ancient Kings
    NOPE, a TG is in here! And that little key or whatever you have to find is hidden so well.
  29. The Dark Forest
    NOPE NOPE NOPE TIMES INFINITY FOREVER BYE. This is the scariest room of them all. I am not about to put my hand in those tree mouths, only to let a TG fuck my shit up.
  30. The Treacherous Swamp
    The next couple of rooms are variations of the same theme: you have to navigate through these annoying packing peanuts while also navigating through some other annoying shit.
  31. The Spider's Lair
  32. The Holes of Python
    This is some Navy SEALs shit. I would pass out and die.
  33. The Jesters' Court
    Another joke room, courtesy of the producers. Here, you're almost certain to get captured by a TG while mimicking ridiculous yoga poses.
  34. The Tomb of the Headless Kings
    NOPE. I am not trying to put that skull on those bodies. Hard pass.
  35. The Room of Harmonic Convergence
    Not a real room; what the eff is this?
  36. The Laser Light Room
    One of the more high-tech, and subsequently cooler, rooms. I'm here for it. I also feel like there's a low likelihood of TG capture here.
  37. The Throne Room
    Simple enough premise. But the second you let your guard down, another type of guard is coming for you. BEWARE.
  38. The Cave of Sighs
    HAHAHAHA, as if. I didn't sign up for GUTS because I didn't want to climb the Aggro Crag, so I'm definitely not doing this shit.
  39. 🚀🚀🚀