Core members of the group only (e.g., NO SCRAPPY)
  1. Scooby-Doo
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    Don't care that he's the mascot of the Mystery Gang, he's the worst. He's huge, he runs into everything, he doesn't know how to be quiet, and he's scared of everything. Also, he is a dog, and can dogs solve mysteries? Maybe. But not this idiot.
  2. Velma
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    SO ANNOYING. Stop trying to make "jinkies" happen. It's not going to happen. Also, she is difficult to have around and rely on because she loses her glasses every five effing minutes. And to make matters worse, she refuses to search anywhere else for them besides the four inch space ahead of her. Amateur hour, not here for it.
  3. Fred
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    Kinda cool, but a lot a douche. I respect him for rocking the ascot, but he's so cocky, he probably brags about it ALL the TIME. "Fred, YES WE SEE YOUR ASCOT. NO, I WILL NOT SLEEP WITH YOU." However, it's always an advantage to have an attractive person around in case there's any run-in with the law while they're investigating the old, run-down mill.
  4. Shaggy
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    A real cool-ass dude. Probably gets stoned and chills all the time and is so laid-back about solving the mystery in a timely manner. This probably gets annoying at some point, along with the fact that he's scared of almost everything like Scooby, but he would crack a joke, and you'd forget all about it.
  5. Daphne
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    YES, GET OVER HERE, DAPHNE. She is the COOLEST, the prettiest, the richest, and certainly the smartest (next to Velma). I feel like she's spoiled, but she's not so much that you ever get annoyed by it (like, you say something like "I mean, all she's ever known is being rich, so she doesn't mean it"). Also a Type-A personality, she's the one that keeps the Gang in line, but also the one that makes sure everyone lets loose and parties every once in a while (on Daddy's credit card, of course).